25 Feb


Vile, coward and insane are few adjectives that can be used to describe this criminal action of Farc against a humble peasant of El Palo, municipality of Caloto, Cauca, who refused to transport a “bomb donkey” to the military command post. These terrorists smashed the peasants’ hands with stones, amputated one of his fingers and sewed his mouth with wire.

The peasant was kidnapped by terrorists of the VI Farc’s Bloc. The same one that assassinated with gas cylinders (prohibited by the International Humans Right) three military and left more than 11 people wounded while fulfilling their duty: protecting the population from an indiscriminate terrorist attack. When the peasant denied moving the “bomb donkey” he was submitted to tortures. He was rescued in bad health conditions by other peasants who transported him to the hospital of Santander de Quilichao.

The civil courage of this Colombian who refused to become part of a criminal attack needs to be acknowledged. This is the attitude that Farc have been encountering from each habitant of the territory, peasants and native people that reject that terrorists use them through threats and torture in a war that is not theirs. Luis Eider Dagua was 42 years old. Today he becomes a national hero and an example to follow.

If many Luis Eider refuse to become instruments of violence, very soon Farc, Eln and Bacrim should understand that their defeat is a reality. They would be forced to compel to justice of our Colombian State. Terrorism acts of criminal gangs cannot become an excuse for not defending with honor their aggressions.

The brave attitude of this peasant means that the deaths of Mayor Dixon Giuliano  Castrillon Gomez, Corporal Luis Enrique Rojas Carreño and Professional Soldier Mauricio Botero Castro were not in vain. They gave their lives for men that honor Colombians and don’t yield to narco-terrorism aggression, which has caused so many pain and suffering for more than 50 years.

This Farc’s action shows degradation of their criminal structures, displays total oblivion for International Humans Rights. It also indicates forgetfulness of their ideology and political proposal for Colombians. Above all, it’s evidence that these criminals hide among the population in order to commit all kinds of crimes. Their cowardice is indescribable.

Salvage tortures inflicted to Luis Eider Dagua are the same ones that have been suffering the Colombian people since 1964. This shows the real intentions of Farc who continue arguing through their main website that population is not their aim. Ironically, they still use Anncol to reaffirm that the Armed Forces are their only objectives. This humble Colombian peasant didn’t have any relation with the Armed Forces. Therefore, the crime committed against him can only be understood as fear of confronting with our military troops.

If Farc continues committing crimes against humanity and keeps kidnapping entire communities to shield and perpetuate attacks against other Colombians, there is no social or political scenario for their reconciliation and humanitarian exchange discourse.

There is no judicial argument left to still consider these criminals as “altruistic fighters”, when it’s already proven that they are coward delinquents, interested in drug trafficking and terrorism. In the hands and consciences of our magistrates and judges, lies the blood of all the Luis Eider Dagua that have been assassinated, mutilated and tortured by those who insist not to investigate and sanction.

A lot of warning and denouncing voices of those who our President calls “useful idiots” reject the appeasement policy towards the narco-guerrillas. Today our soldiers fight without need for solidarity and without recognition of political establishment. Those politicians who sometimes appear to confabulate with the idea of considering the military institution a ‘criminal enterprise’;  have initiated a current trend in law courts by silencing or minimizing criminal activities of our nations’ enemies.

Narco-terrorists have to be called by what they do, and our President knows that. With them, diplomacy and good manners don’t work, it generates the opposite reaction by promoting their criminal nature. We need the courage of citizens like Luis Eider Dagua who confront criminals risking their own lives. This implies political commitment from the ruling class in order to eradicate the narco-terrorist threat once and for all.

Mister President, this is not a poker game. At stake is the destiny of Colombia, it means moving forward towards the definite defeat of criminal organizations or turn back to unviable times before the Defense and Democratic Security Policy. There is not a third alternative for the destiny of our nation. You are fostering an unnecessary crisis that can have effects on the retirement of valuable officers and sub-officers of the Army. These personnel will never follow the infamous steps of XXI century socialism or any of the facades it uses.

Too many voices are alerting, there are too many Luis Eider Dagua that refute that “sweet and tender” tone that narco-terrorists use to enhance their criminal activity, getting to a point where they are wrongly convinced that it represents better opportunities to negotiate. Those who warn you of that mistake are not “useful idiots” like you call them. They form part of a minority in the country that has more power that they could’ve dreamed because of your weakness while trying to build friendships against the will of those who elected you.

Where are we going Mister President?

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